As a physical therapist, I see many patients with hip pain. This is especially common in women.
There is a significant difference in the opening of the pelvis between men and women, which is one of cause for hip pain.
Another common cause of hip pain is due to instability of the hip joint.
The hip joint can move much more than other joints, and this dynamic movement often causes deformation of the bone and damage to the cartilage of the joint. The cartilage damage tends to increase the instability of the hip joint. In addition, if the trunk above the hip joint is unstable and weak, the hip joint will not know how to move. The hip joint then becomes afraid to move, and the hip joint becomes stiff, or the hip joint is pulled back to avoid dynamic hip movement.
Thus, increasing immobilization near the dynamic joint and increasing the stability of the hip joint itself are necessary for the treatment and prevention of hip pain.

In the next issue, we will introduce some exercise therapies for the treatment and prevention of hip pain.

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