What’s Toritsu-dai Physio

Our physical therapists and trainers, who have extensive experience in hospitals and sports fields in Japan and in treating and rehabilitating both the general public and athletes in the U.S., will find the root cause of your pain and offer you a completely self-funded rehabilitation program that meets your goals using manual and exercise therapy.

Representative profile

President of Toritsu-dai Physio Care & Conditioning.
He has supervised many special features on stiff shoulders and lower back pain in magazines and on TV. He has an established reputation for finding the root cause of problems from “inside the joint,” “outside the joint,” and “posture and movement,” and for providing rehabilitation solutions using manual therapy and exercise therapy.
He is expanding his activities, including being selected as a member of the medical staff for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • National Athletic Trainer’s Association  Certified Athletic Trainer


  • B.S degree in Physical Therapy from Kitasato University, Japan
  • B.S degree in Athletic Trainer from Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts ,U.S.A



※All prices include tax.

Manual therapy and exercise therapy by Saegusa and other physical therapists:
7,700 yen / hour, 4,200 yen for 30 minutes

Exercise instruction by trainers:
5,200 yen / hour, 3,200 yen for 30 minutes

Students are charged a flat rate of
3,200 yen / hour, 2,200 yen per 30 minutes,
regardless of whether they are physical therapists or trainers.

Hours of operation

Weekdays 9am-1pm / 2pm-9pm
*Saturdays until 7pm and Sundays on request

Contact us

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4 minutes walk from “Toritsudaigaku” station on Tokyu Toyoko Line

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